First Woman in 70s become Coronavirus casualty in United Kingdom

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First Woman in 70s become Coronavirus virus casualty in United Kingdom

The casualty in United Kingdom

A woman with underlying health conditions has become the primary person within the UK to die after testing positive for coronavirus.

The Royal Berkshire NHS Trust said the patient, understood to be in her 70s, had been “in and out of the hospital for non-coronavirus reasons”.

She was admitted and tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday.

It comes because the number of UK people diagnosed with the virus reached 116, an increase of quite 30 in 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the prime minister’s official spokesman said it had been “highly likely the virus goes to spread during a significant way”.

The woman, who was being treated at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, is believed to possess caught the virus within the UK, said the country’s chief medical adviser Prof Chris Whitty.

She isn’t thought to possess been abroad recently, BBC health correspondent Nick Triggle added.

Officials are now trying to trace the people she was in touch with.

Prof Whitty offered his sincere condolences to her family and friends and asked that their request for privacy is respected.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said, “his sympathies are with the victim and their family”.

Mr. Johnson reiterated that the united kingdom was “still within the contain phase” – the primary stage of the government’s response to the outbreak.

He said scientists and medical staff are making preparations for the subsequent phase – the “delay” phase.

According to the newest government figures, as of 9:00 GMT on Thursday, there have been 115 cases across the united kingdom. Another case was later confirmed in Wales.

The UK cases include 105 patients in England also as six in Scotland, three in Northern Ireland and two in Wales.

Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool confirmed a toddler there had tested positive for coronavirus. it’s not known how old the kid is.

Around 45 of the confirmed cases are self-isolating reception, while 18 people have recovered.

There are currently 10 cases where the authorities don’t skills the individual was infected, said our health correspondent. they need no links with foreign travel, he added.

Mr. Johnson said the united kingdom was still within the first phase of its four-part decide to tackle the virus outbreak, which is formed up of: contain, delay, research and mitigate.

The government remains to decide what measures are going to be taken within the delay phase but has previously said this might include banning big events, closing schools, encouraging people to figure from home and discouraging the utilization of conveyance.

Last week, a British man in Japan became the primary UK citizen to die from the virus after being infected on the Diamond Princess cruise liner.

Meanwhile, a 33-year-old British woman who works for the United Nations is one of four people that are diagnosed with the virus in Senegal, after traveling there from London.

And in California, quite 140 British nationals are stranded onboard a Princess Cruises ship as officials test passengers for Covid-19.

Italy advice

The government has now updated its guidance to travelers arriving within the UK from Italy – the country in Europe that has been hit worst by the virus, with quite 3,000 cases.

On Thursday, the govt said the entire of Italy – not just the north of the country – is now classed as a recognized area of concern, meaning if people develop symptoms after coming back from the country they ought to self-isolate.

For those coming back from the quarantined towns in Italy, people should self-isolate albeit they are doing not show symptoms.

In other developments:

Bank HSBC says an employee at its Canary Wharf offices in London has been diagnosed and it’s “deep-cleaning the ground where our colleague worked and shared areas of the building”
UK airline Flybe has gone into administration and says coronavirus is partly responsible
Starbucks says it’s “pausing the utilization of private cups” and washable ceramic cups in their UK, US and Canadian stores due to fears of the virus
Pupils at a faculty in south Devon are receiving lessons online after the varsity shut when a pupil was diagnosed with the virus
The competition watchdog has warned retailers and traders they might be prosecuted for trying to “exploit” the coronavirus outbreak by selling protective products at inflated prices
ITV say travel companies are deferring their TV advertising, with advertising revenue thanks to dropping 10% in April
England’s Iroquois League games against Italy in Rome on 14 and 15 March are postponed – instead of happening behind closed doors – as a response to the outbreak
Ireland records another seven cases, bringing its total up to 13
Iran will close schools and universities until 20 March in an effort to curb the spread
Worldwide, authorities have confirmed quite 92,000 cases of coronavirus – of which quite 80,000 are in China, where the virus began.

More than 3,000 people have died globally, with the overwhelming majority in China.

Earlier, Prof Whitty told MPs on the health and social care committee that half all coronavirus cases within the UK are presumably to occur in only a three-week period, with 95% of them over a nine-week period.

He said the health service would be stretched by people needing oxygen and a few “things could also be considerably less well done” during the height of a plague.

But he said neither elderly people nor people with asthma should self-isolate yet, adding there was no evidence of “deep harm” in children with asthma.

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