Says Speaker Om Birla, Discuss about Delhi Riots After Holi in Parliament Erupts in Anger

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Says Speaker Om Birla, Discuss about Delhi Riots After Holi in Parliament Erupts in Anger

Discuss about Delhi Riots After Holi in Parliament

‘This incident is being discussed everywhere the planet and it’ll look strange if we do not discuss it here when the session is on.’
The commotion in parliament continued on Tuesday, as members of the opposition and therefore the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party came almost on the verge of an altercation immediately after the Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla announced that a discussion on the Delhi riots will only be allowed after Holi.

Opposition members are demanding the resignation of Union home minister Amit Shah for failing to prevent the communal violence that engulfed north-east Delhi for quite three days. Many also allege that Shah may have played a lively role through his aggressive election speeches in fomenting the riots.

The union officialdom , including the house minister, have so far refused to budge to interact with the opposition.

The Speaker’s decision to push the discussion on riots to March 11 enraged the opposition members. They threw leaflets and paper balls at the chair, while many others occupied the well of the house.

Despite repeated requests by the Speaker, members of both the opposition and treasury benches within the Lok Sabha crossed over to the opposite side, trying to shove one another . The offenders, Birla said, are going to be suspended for the whole session, whilst he adjourned the House for the day.

We are working for the advantage of the country. Keeping in mind things within the country, celebrate the Holi festival in peace and harmony…The government is prepared to debate the difficulty after Holi on March 11,” he said.
Earlier within the day, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi said the govt was ready for a debate on the difficulty during hour but the opposition sought an instantaneous discussion.

As soon because the House met for the day at 11 am, members from the Congress, DMK and other opposition parties were on their feet, demanding a discussion on Delhi violence.

The Speaker told agitating members that issues are often raised during the hour at noon which he wanted to start the Question Hour. However, immediately after the House met at 2 pm, an identical commotion continued, resulting in the Lower House’s adjournment.

Rajya Sabha discussion a non-starter too

The Upper House was adjourned for the day too with hardly any legislative business transacted for the second day.

As the Upper House reassembled at 3 pm after two adjournments earlier within the day, Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad said it might appear strange if the parliament didn’t discuss the incidents of violence in Delhi when the entire world was talking about it.

Referring to the incidents of violence which has claimed a minimum of 44 lives thus far , Azad said regardless of religion, 90% of these who lost their lives belonged to the age bracket of 24 to 35 years, which may be a huge loss to the state .

He said the discussion should aim towards ensuring that such an event doesn’t recur within the country.

Appealing to the govt for a discussion on the difficulty at the earliest, he said it’ll appear as if a “non-event” if parliament discusses the matter after every week .

Azad said members from Opposition parties should act responsibly and not fuel tensions further.

Leader of the House Thawar Chand Gehlot said the govt is prepared for a discussion on the difficulty at a timing ascertained by the Chairman (M. Venkaiah Naidu)

“Everyone has criticized the incident that went on. This incident is being discussed everywhere the planet and it’ll look strange if we don’t discuss it here when the session is on,” Azad said.

Congress leader Anand Sharma said because the leader of the house and therefore the leader of opposition is of an equivalent view, the discussion should be scheduled for 11 am on Wednesday.
Bhupendra Choubey of the BJP, however, said the Chair shouldn’t be forced to carry the discussion at a specific time and therefore the decision of when to carry the discussion should be left to the Chair’s discretion.

Deputy Chairman Harivansh said the timing of the discussion could only be decided after consulting Chairman Naidu.

K. Keshava Rao (TRS) said the House should be adjourned for the day to send a message that the difficulty in Delhi was of primary concern.

The House was adjourned twice earlier within the day, first within the morning till 2 pm then again till 3 pm after opposition and treasury benches indulged during a war of words over alleged hate speech by Union Minister Anurag Thakur within the run-up to Delhi Assembly polls and therefore the violence within the capital .

As soon because the House assembled within the afternoon, Deputy Chairman Harivansh asked the member to permit the laying of reports of department-related parliamentary standing committees listed within the business.

Immediately after laying the reports, a Congress leader raised some extent of order to boost the difficulty again because the opposition was pressing for discussion on Delhi violence.

But the Deputy Chairman said, “We are able to discuss the difficulty consistent with decision (regarding time slot) of the Chairman of Rajya Sabha.”

On this leader of the opposition, Ghulam Nabi Azad said,” it’s a really serious issue. Now if things is normal then allow us to discuss the difficulty here or the govt should tell us that things isn’t normal….”

Before Azad could complete his remarks, the Deputy Chairman adjourned the House till 3 pm.

Earlier within the morning trouble broke out when Thakur, who has been under opposition attack over his alleged hate speech during the poll campaign for the Delhi assembly polls, was called to get listed papers concerning his Finance Ministry on the table.

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